For America’s Sake


For America’s Sake
By Mike Weston




High everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. Today I would like to talk about a few things on my mind that is very important to the cannabis and hemp movement worldwide, not just for America. Everything I talk about today can be found online if you look hard enough, I won’t have room to list references or links but trust me everything IS online, that’s where I personally found the info. I would like to start off by saying, I know the CBD world movement and many other events and research have brought us to this point as well as countless die-hard activists and support groups and lobbyists. However, due to some upcoming law changes from our neighbors to the north and an imperative election approaching November 6th, one of the most important elections for cannabis and hemp for the world is the November elections in America.

As you may have guessed this article will be mainly on politics and less on the health side of cannabis, but I’ll put something for that in as well. So let’s go ahead and get started with the nitty-gritty good stuff. Being from Fayetteville, North Carolina, I am around nothing but active and retired military all day every day. Although I’m not medically able to join I DO FULLY support the service men and women of our country. With that said, there are others that may not feel the same way. I’m talking about PETE SESSIONS mainly, along with a few others. He is a Republican House of Rep congressman in Texas 32 district, he is also the chairman of the powerful… US House Rules Committee that decides whether any and all medical cannabis bills for the military reach the house and senate floor for a federal vote. He was elected to office in 1996…ironically the same year medical cannabis was legalized in California for medical use. I have to be honest that I don’t know much about Pete Sessions other than what I just wrote, but politically speaking, I think nobody should be able to be in any politically furnished office more than the president himself….NO CAREER politicians, cannabis-friendly or not. This coming election is the first time in years that Pete has had a challenger for his seat. Much less an already known former NFL player..turned civil right lawyer Colin Allred. Colin Allred is the democratic nominee for Pete sessions seat in the house of reps, Allred was a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans in the NFL. Not saying that if Colin wins, he will be the new House Rules Committee chairman, but at least Pete might not be. Whether or not the entire Rules Committee votes yes on a federal medical bill for the military Pete says no and it never reaches a vote. Since Pete has been in office he has turned down more than 3 dozens medical cannabis bills.. mostly for our retired brothers in arms. I’m not just bagging on Pete sessions, there are many more anti-cannabis candidates running and currently in offices like Joe Kennedy and Jeff Sessions. (For the record Jeff Sessions and Pete Sessions are NOT related) In this upcoming election, there are countless seats up for grabs for House of Representatives, Senate, governorships, as well as lower level government positions.

The main reason why I’m writing this today is that whoever wins the seats will have the voting power for federal medical or full recreational next year when federal committees vote. It was just recently announced by California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher that he has talked with the inner circle of the Trump administration and expects to have federal legislation shortly after the upcoming elections, but one can only wait and see. It’s vital to keep in mind that Canada goes fully legal with recreational cannabis tomorrow Wednesday, October 17, 2018. So in addition to patrolling and filtering the Mexican border, now the federal government has to spend even more money to battle an unwinnable war, only from both sides of the border instead of just one. From what I have read and understood the international laws between the US and Canada are being greatly affected, and pretty sure they will change again and again ‘in the near future. If you want to look them up for yourself I highly encourage that, especially if you like to travel. Also, keep in mind that the Mexican Supreme Court has already given 3 of the 5 approvals needed for nationwide Mexican recreational legalization. They vote again next year….to help end the violence and drug cartels its only a matter of time and money before the other 2 approvals are given. Now that the world health organization has given cannabis their approval, other countries, cities, and towns across the world are going medical and fully legal because of the massive amounts of cash being made. Uruguay set the trend back in 2013, and it’s only taken 5 more years for another wealthy country to fully legalize. Not to mention Guam and the United Kingdom going fully medical countrywide next month.

With a brand new world economic commodity, at everyone’s fingertips and billions if not trillions able to be made, and currently being made I’m personally wondering how long the United States can continuously lose money by enforcing a law that is not controlling anything except federal money loss. Also having the biggest companies in the world investing big money into not only CBD but all things cannabis and hemp, puts even more pressure on US laws to change. Some of the recently interested companies include…Walmart, Constellation Alcohol brands..( makers of Corona beer), Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, not to mention other fortunes 500 company just waiting for the pen stroke of the law change to invest billions that don’t want to be identified yet. Don’t forget about Scotts Miracle Grow that just invested more than half their stock into a hydroponics company.

With hemp biofuel and electric cars on the uprising and becoming more popular, the need for industrial hemp grown NOT FOR CBD is getting bigger by the day, if only we had major processing facilities throughout the US to process industrial hemp into ANYTHING that can be made from hemp, we would have another multi-trillion-dollar commodity the United States could rely on. Although with the 2014 federal farm act came legalization of industrial hemp, there are still some states that have it banned. The people who are voted into office on November 6th will have the power to vote on that as well.

In my humble and honest opinion, the United States federal government will probably legalize medical cannabis on a federal level… with several catches, more than likely the corporations will figure out a way to try to take over the cannabis movement they have been fighting for years. I know that might tick a lot of people off but IF its gonna be legalized at all, they will need to feel in control of it no matter what. However, if they try to control cannabis the way they do and have their own opiate pharma drugs, they will very quickly have another crisis to deal with.

I am beyond thrilled that we are having so much legalization going on around the world at the same time. That means that just about everyone around the world is agreeing on at least one thing in general that the United States federal government does not…Cannabis legislation.

Now for the health section…recently I have been thinking about kids with cancer and cannabis. Not particular kids with epilepsy that need CBD oil, but kids with cancer that need real cannabis oil WITH THC. I keep seeing the ads on tv for Shriners Hosptial for Children, St. Jude Children’s Hospital for Children asking for donation money to support their cause. I fully support children in every way and hate to see them have to battle any type of illness or disease. However, knowing that cannabis is one of the only ways to kill and beat cancer, I’m interested in finding out about a foundation called the cashyhyde foundation.. or any other foundation or organization that is doing research with cannabis for kids with cancer. Me, personally, I’m willing to donate to a smart and great cause if I know the kids are truly getting help with cannabis, not just for a good feeling monthly donation. If there are any new groups or foundations for cannabis for children’s cancer please contact CVRN and let me know. I will gladly and happily put them in my next article.

So please everyone, if you are legally able to vote in the United States, does so…For America’s Sake! Voice your opinion one way or another. Hopefully, you will be a vote to forward cannabis legislation!

Til next time….stay cool, calm, and collected.

Mike Weston

New York Finally Finishes The Report That’s Been Holding Up Legalization


Lawmakers have been delaying legalization in anticipation of a study from the state’s health department.

A long-awaited study on legal cannabis’ potential impacts on New York state has finally been completed. This week, an anonymous source reportedly told Spectrum News that the study, yet to be released to the public, suggests that New York’s criminal justice reform efforts and tax revenues would benefit from cannabis legalization. However, the study reportedly does not include any outright endorsements of legalization.

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Why Congressman Jared Polis’ run for governor of Colorado is important for nationwide reform


After ten years in Congress, vocal cannabis reform advocate Jared Polis is now looking to become the Governor of Colorado. Polis, currently a representative for Colorado’s second district, is running on an ambitious campaign to provide the state with 100% renewable energy by 2040 as well as implement a single-payer health care plan. But as governor of the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, he would also preside over a cannabis market which has set the tone for the rest of the country.

Since Colorado legalized in 2012, reform advocates have cited Colorado’s tax revenues and falling crime rates as a reason to legalize nationally while opponents have claimed that out of state smuggling has flooded surrounding states with organized crime. As a result, the success or failure of Colorado’s recreational market could define national policy and a pot-friendly governor like Polis could make all the difference.

In April, Polis won the state Democratic party’s endorsement, coming in second just behind former state Treasurer Cary Kennedy. He now faces Kennedy in a primary election on June 26th to become the Democratic candidate for governor in November.

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Pro-Marijuana Super PAC Targets Pete Sessions’ House Seat

 | MAY 14, 2018

U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions’ 32nd Congressional District seat is one the Democratic Party hopes to flip in November, and it’s not alone. A pro-marijuana political action committee also wants Sessions out of his seat.

Sessions possesses a considerable amount of power in the House as an 11-term representative and the chairman of the House Committee on Rules, which sets the rules and original jurisdiction on legislative measures and can “do virtually anything during the course of consideration of a measure,” according to the committee’s website.

Sessions has used his position to take a hard stance against marijuana reform legislation. Sessions’ most recent move as committee chairman blocked reform amendments that would allow cannabis businesses operating in legal states to access banks and file business expense tax deductions. He’s also sponsored and co-sponsored several bills expressing his hard line on the subject, including the self-explanatory No Welfare for Weed Act of 2015. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws gives Sessions an “F” rating.

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The Cannabis Industry Is Donating More to Political Campaigns Than Ever Before

By Chris Moore
Tuesday 05/8/2018

The legal weed biz has learned from the alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries that lobbying and political contributions are the best way to change laws in its favor.

As support for cannabis legalization grows across the country, more and more politicians are standing up in favor of cannabis reform. Even old-school politicians like former Speaker of the House John Boehner or current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, once fervent champions of the War on Drugs, are now advocating for cannabis prohibition to come to an end.

The number of pro-cannabis politicians in office may be soon grow even more, thanks to financial support and lobbying efforts from the cannabis industry itself. A decade ago, it was rare to see politicians willing to accept money from a business dealing in federally-prohibited drugs, but today, many political groups have realized that cannabis reform is a hot-button issue that will bring voters out to the polls.

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