The Cannabis Industry Is Donating More to Political Campaigns Than Ever Before

By Chris Moore
Tuesday 05/8/2018

The legal weed biz has learned from the alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries that lobbying and political contributions are the best way to change laws in its favor.

As support for cannabis legalization grows across the country, more and more politicians are standing up in favor of cannabis reform. Even old-school politicians like former Speaker of the House John Boehner or current Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, once fervent champions of the War on Drugs, are now advocating for cannabis prohibition to come to an end.

The number of pro-cannabis politicians in office may be soon grow even more, thanks to financial support and lobbying efforts from the cannabis industry itself. A decade ago, it was rare to see politicians willing to accept money from a business dealing in federally-prohibited drugs, but today, many political groups have realized that cannabis reform is a hot-button issue that will bring voters out to the polls.

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