VR Tech Grows at MJBizCon


Urban-gro Presents Virtual Reality Cultivation Systems Experience and Live Demo

Cannabis Virtual Reality Technologies continue to grow across the industry. Learning and understanding the potential of VR has made great waves this year and continues to open up opportunities to better educate Patients and Business owners alike.

“Urban-gro, Inc., a leading systems integrator and agriculture technology firm serving commercial cultivators around the world, will be presenting a cultivation virtual reality experience and live demo of Soleil Sensors to the global cannabis industry at MJBizCon being held at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada November 14-16.”

Building Cultivation experience’s in Virtual Reality helps educate the use of new products and services that continue to impact the lives of those seeking information on the ever-changing cannabis landscape.

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Gov. Bruce Rauner signs bill legalizing Industrial Hemp

Gov. Bruce Rauner on Saturday signed a bill legalizing industrial hemp, adding Illinois to a growing list of states that allow the growth of cannabis for non-drug purposes.

“Legalizing the farming of industrial hemp just makes good sense,” Rauner said in a statement. “Roughly 38 states — including our neighbors in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee — have allowed or are considering allowing cultivation of this crop for commercial, research or pilot programs. Our farmers should have this option as well.”

Illinois’ Industrial Hemp Act, which goes into effect immediately, allows for its use in paper, fabric, biodegradable plastics, construction materials and health food, according to the governor’s office.

The state Department of Agriculture will issue licenses to farmers who want to grow it, and regulators will establish rules for THC-level testing of industrial hemp crops.

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Snoop Dogg Now Owns The Largest Grow Operation In The World

When it comes to weed, Snoop Dogg is putting his money where his mouth is. Snoop Dogg is now a part-owner of Canopy Growth, the largest grow operation in the world. Now, this mega-Canadian corporation will have exclusive rights to Snoop Dogg’s own cannabis company, Leafs by Snoop. Here’s a closer look at the deal that’s got everyone talking.

Did You Know That Snoop Dogg Has His Own Weed Line?

We did. Snoop Dogg, ie. Calvin Broadaus Jr., has one of the best smoking reps, maybe of all time. So much so that only Willie Nelson could out-smoke him. The rapper has even released a smokable songbook.

Not only does this OG have a strain named after him, he has his own line, too. Back in 2015, Snoop Dogg founded his eponymous Leafs by Snoop in Colorado. You can find Leafs by Snoop in Colorado and, very soon, all across Canada.

In addition to his rap career, Snoop Dogg has also spearheaded a number of high-profile marijuana investments through his venture capital firm, Casa Verde Capital. Through it, Snoop helps businesses tied to the cannabis industry—labs, financial services, tech—raise funds. In March, High Timesreported that Casa Verde has raised over $40 million.

Snoop Was Already Big in Marijuana, But He’s About to Be Bigger

Now, Snoop is turning his eye towards one of the biggest legal weed markets in the world: Canada. A few years ago, Casa Verde partnered with Tweed Inc., an Ontario-based medical marijuana producer. Since then, Canopy Growth, a company that supplies 1/3 of Canada’s medical marijuana needs according to Business Insider, has bought Tweed.

With legalization on the horizon, Canopy Growth is expanding. This mega-corporation penned a deal with fellow weed producer SunSelect Produce. Together, they’re forming B.C. Tweed, a British Columbia-based operation. This separate entity will take hold of one of SunSelect’s preexisting facilities, and build a new one. The second facility, located in Langley, British Columbia, will be an impressive 1.3 million square feet.

All this means that Snoop Dogg will have a share in the largest grow operation in the world. Not only that, but he may have a say in Canopy Growth’s business plan. Ted Chung, Snoop’s manager, is the company’s strategic advisor for content strategy as of 2017.

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