CVRN, Inc. was founded to converge technology and cannabis into one source that allows for our community to connect. Cannabis as a Federal and National level issue has created a void between people and the wonderful plant we cover. Prohibition has cost our world citizens lives, property, money, and suffering. CVRN uses the immersive power of 360° and Virtual Reality to put our community inside of the issue in a way that no other media company can.

We strive to provide the highest quality experiences, information, research, advocacy, and the platform for our community to learn, become educated, and even entertained. The prohibition on Cannabis on the national level will not survive as long as we a citizens can share information and knowledge.

The Cannabis industry is so much more than just a product, company, or demo-graph.  It’s the patients using Cannabis for healing, the seasonal harvesters, the entertainers, the icons, the struggle, the movement. We want to bring those experiences to you our community.