By Calvin Hughes

For the very first time, the FDA has approved a study on the effects of cannabis on veterans suffering from PTSD. The groundbreaking study is being led by Dr. Sue Sisley, who used to oppose cannabis until she saw the devastation that PTSD and opioids have done to the veteran community.

“I was dismissive and judgmental, then I started losing a lot of vets in my practice to suicide, and it became a big wake-up call,” she said at a symposium focusing on cannabis issues and controversies, reports Healio. “The veteran community has a higher rate of prescription drug overdose, and many vets discovered they can substitute cannabis for the more addictive medications they’ve been prescribed, which is how we started to examine this.”

Pursuing this study hasn’t been easy for Sisley. She struggled for 7 years with the government to get the go-ahead on her research, and lost her job at the University of Arizona once the study was approved – a classic incident of ‘green listing’.

But now that she’s secured funding from the University of Colorado, the stage is set for being the world’s first controlled clinical study on how smoking cannabis works as a treatment for PTSD.

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